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An excellent team of Professors with over 30 years of experience

With over 10,000 online tests for Physics, Maths and Chemistry, students are prepared well in advance before the Final Examination


Welcome to Prof. Dina Vira Physics Tuitions

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About Us 

We are a team of Science Professors

Bhavesh Thakkar

Adwet Harsora

Dina Vira

How We Work

Environment that promotes goal-driven education

The Entire Subject is taught in a concept driven, exam oriented manner in a comfortable and conducive Academic Environment.

Smart Learning

Majority of the chapters are conducted via Audio Visual Presentations. These presentations are not the generic versions available in the market and have been painstakingly prepared as per the Maharashtra State and CBSE prescribed NCERT syllabus. This helps in clarity of concepts and better long term retention of the topic.

Personalized attention

Lectures are conducted only in a small batch of up to 20 students so that every student can be given personal attention.

Test yourself to the limit

We conduct the highest number of tests, ensuring that the test papers are prepared according to the HSC and Entrance Examination Patterns.

In-depth correction

Answer papers of all the Theory tests conducted throughout the course are personally corrected by the professor himself.

Student Performance Analytics

Professional Performance Analysis is done for all the students on a regular basis, which helps to pinpoint their problem areas. Their strengths as well as short comings are properly analyzed and they are guided towards continuous Improvement.


“ Bhavesh Sir is best, he helped me through all my difficulties. ”

Ritesh Deshmukh


Children must be taught How to Think, not What to Think

- Margaret Mead

Awesome Team Of Professors

Dina Vira
Physics Professor
Prof. Bhavesh Thakker
Chemistry Professor
Dr. Adwet Harsora
Biology Professor